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Kick IT!! Get FIT!!

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

To hear the sounds of a kickboxing class is like no other sound!! Loud & proud!

To see the intensity in the powerful Warriors is inspiring!!

To introduce woman to the inner fighter that dwells within is gratifying!!

I love the energy that is created when strong, powerful & fierce women come together and kick ass. Yes I said it! That’s what this class is about power, fitness, strength, empowerment, stress release and camaraderie. We begin with a cardio kickboxing session filled within jabs, kicks & jacks!! These women embody the Warrior spirit in their movements, support and drive!! Next we move into bag work which allows them to practice technique and form to ensure safety in their movements!! These women encourage, sweat, kick & punch their way to stress release and over all feeling of pride & accomplishment. It is a gift to train these athletes, mothers, sisters, friends!!

Our Freeze Kickboxing Studio offers classes Monday 4pm, Tuesday 7pm, Thursday 7pm, Friday 930am & Saturdays 930am so you have plenty of times to choose from.

New to kickboxing? No problem! We offer introductions, skill development & various levels at each class we offer. Our goal is to help Kamloops women improve their fitness through a fun and interactive experience with other women who wish to see them succeed. We were all beginners once and our community is built on team spirit!!

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