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Welcome to Femsport!

The Freeze Fitness official Femsport training is facilitated by Sabrina Sinclair, official Femsport Trainer (one of the few!), Regional Femsport promoter and Director of Fitness at Freeze Fitness (one of the few official Femsport facilities). This year is Sabrina's 10th anniversary as a Femsport coach and champ which means she's well versed in the event itself, the 8 week training regimen, and teaching women of all ages, shapes and sizes to LOVE their body and the strength it is capable of.

Athletic woman watching fitness competition
Sabrina Sinclair - Certified official Femsport coach/trainer, Fitness Director & Femsport Regional Promoter

What is Femsport?

An annual fitness event that celebrates the strength, agility, power, endurance and speed of women.

On event day, the following events make up the competition:

  • Sandbag Burpee/Clean & Press

  • Kettlebell Lift

  • Tire Flip

  • Box Jumps

  • Obstacle Medley

  • Tire Drag

REMINDER - 👆You aren't expected to do this 👆 on day 1 (or even 5). The Freeze Fitness Official Training has been designed to train you for the Femsport event over the course of 8 weeks.

Freeze Fitness Official Training 8 Week Overview

Our step by step training program is lead by Sabrina Sinclair and Femsport Certified Trainer Marlowe Tahara.

Weekly Sessions

  • Are broken into specific skills & drills

  • Includes a rigorous conditioning program with each session to help you get in the best physical condition to be game day ready and able to compete at your highest level.

  • Weekly session and all official training at Freeze utilizes the actual pieces of equipment that you will be using at the event, which helps you gain more confidence & tactical experience to prep you for event day.

NEW This Year!

After 9 years of sessions, we know what our athletes need during the 8 week training and on competition day, so this year we have added a team of specialists who will be working with us during training for maximum performance and endurance.

These pros will help each athlete gain a deeper knowledge of their athletic potential through assessment, body awareness and alignment correction.

All women are welcome from 19 to 81 and beyond are welcome! No matter your age, size, shape or physical level, if you're seeking a challenge, we have one for you!


Still Have Questions?

We'd love to chat! Send a note directly to Sabrina to inquire about Femsport training and the event.

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Mar 29, 2023

Do you know what days and times training sessions will be?

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