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Athletes in ACTION!!

Let's take a moment to celebrate our Kamloops Femsport 2023 victories!! It's been over 8 weeks since our most impressive Fempsort showing of all times!! Our Freeze Fitness team trained outside the box this year to some impressive results.

Here is our top Open team, becoming the 2023 Femsport Champions as a team, as well as each individual placing in the top 3!!! Thanks to Julie, Keri & Lindsay for sharing their stories!

This year for Femsport training, I really wanted to focus on building more upper body strength,

increasing my mobility, and sticking with my rehab exercises to make sure I stayed injury-free.

Fortunately I was able to achieve all of these goals through my training with Sabrina at Freeze


I knew my teammates were counting on me to do my best, and competing alongside such

great athletes, and other competitors, was the boost I needed to actually be able to beat many

of my best training times, and eventually earn 3rd place as an individual and 1st as a team in the

Open category. Standing on the podium, I couldn’t contain my smile, but the best part of the

day was seeing my other teammates from Freeze push past their own limits and achieve greatness....

The theme in my mind this year as team captain was to

focus on celebrating each other's' successes, we support through the losses, and we carry

forward those intentions into everyday life. The best way to encourage positive female

relationships is to be a cheerleader, and be proud of other women for their accomplishments

instead of focusing on comparison. I felt so much joy that day being able to celebrate all the

amazing women that I am fortunate to train with and call friends.


The Open category this year was difficult considering we were competing against experienced athletes who have done the event many years running! The times were so tight and I loved the training even more this year - a few of the staff from the gym got together and trained a few times per week, pushing each other to get faster and technique tighter to be ready! I definitely trained more this year and harder than last. I am so proud to say that my team ended up in the top spot this year again but this time in the Open category - and with all different team-mates than last year. Freeze Fitness was a large team and having such a big cheering section was so motivating! I missed first overall by only 0.5 of a ranking so you KNOW I will be back next season doing all I can to get to gold!

If you have even a hint of a competitive bone in your body but really want a supportive environment to push you towards your fitness goals Femsport training is perfect - nothing like a deadline to get you training hard and a competition to keep pushing your best! The welcoming atmosphere and supportive women keep you coming back as well as the push to beat your own record!


When I first heard of Femsport and thought about competing I was a bit intimidated!

The thought of competing was definitely nerve wracking. But I am so happy I made the decision to sign up for the competition and to train with Sabrina at Freeze Fitness! During the 8 week training Sabrina ensured we were trained properly to be able to safely and confidently execute every one of the events. On game day I felt prepared and ready to take on each and every event and I definitely have Sabrina to thank for that! It was also such an amazing experience to be able to compete with the Freeze Fitness team. Even though the event is an individual competition (so we were competing against our own team members) each and every member was there to cheer each other on and push each other to do their best. It felt so good to have a community of women empower and support one another on game day. The entire experience was so memorable, I can’t wait to sign up again next year!


As you can see, I am a very proud coach! It is an honor & privilege to coach, support and ultimately on days like this CELEBRATE these incredible athletes & pay tribute to the accomplishments they have WORKED SO HARD TO ACHIEVE!!

ARE YOU READY TO JOIN?? We start pre season training in September. Please email us to get more info!

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