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Updated: Mar 28, 2023

We’ve piqued your interest, made the process less scary with our Welcome to Femsport blog, and we welcome you with open arms to our team and our official training. BUT FIRST, we wanted to dive in a little deeper, show you where our passion and roots came from, and why our Official Femsport Facility, the Freeze Fitness community and our Femsport training program is where you want to be for your Femsport training.

Meet Sabrina Sinclair, Director of Fitness and the Official Femsport Facility here at Freeze, Femsport Champion, Femsport Regional Promoter, and Official Femsport Trainer. This is her 10th year being involved with Femsport and we will be doing some AMAZING stuff to celebrate (stay tuned)!!

We sat down with our fearless leader to learn more about how we ended up on the Femsport journey, we're on today. Enjoy!

Sabrina, how did you become involved with Femsport?

I stumbled across Femsport in 2013 when I was seeking out a personal fitness goal for myself. This season of my life was a trying time and I was looking for something physical to focus my attention on, an event where I could test my abilities in a new and fun way. So I registered for Femsport, bought the training manual and jumped in with both feet.

Sabrina Sinclair, Box jump event 2013

I’ve been a personal coach for 20+ years and intended to train & compete solo, this one was for me. Shortly after my own training started, my community noticed me exploring something new and BAM - before I knew it, I had a team of women who wanted to compete, train & grow alongside me. As each competitor came on board, I was completely honest and reminded them this was all very new to me, we were going to learn the process together, and we were tackling this adventure as a group of newbies together.

As a team we came together each week with makeshift obstacles and equipment that were laid out in the manual and I developed a conditioning program and integrated it into weekly classes. Even ladies that were not competing got a taste of the Femsport training and our team continuously improved, gained confidence, and found motivation within each other.

This would quickly become a novel if I went through each of the 10 years of coaching Femsport, but when I look back 10 years later, I could have never imagined the massive impact this decision would have on my life and the 100+ women I’ve had the opportunity to train.

Femsport 2018 team

In the early days, what was your favourite part of the Femsport program?

There’s two faves:

  1. My girls were still little when we first started training in 2013. Many of us had small children and they were watching us transform into empowered athletes. Mom’s were kicking butt and becoming role models. I will always remember the photo of my daughters pushing my car, wanting to be strong like mom!!

  2. In 2016 we moved venues so we could increase our capacity. Since the move, we've increased capacity every year. This is also the year I realized it was now my role to be an ambassador for this one of a kind, women’s health & fitness competition.

When did you become more involved with Femsport?

In 2014 after our second run at Femsport I was prompted by the women who had competed to get more involved. So I reached out to the President of Femsport and became the Regional promoter as we started the 2015 season, completed the Official Femsport Training and became an Official Femsport facility.

Sabrina, Obstacle Course 2013

What are you most proud of on your Femsport journey?

I could fill in all the metal counts and victories here, but we need to focus on the now. Here I am gearing up for my 10th season of Femsport and coaching my 12th team for the Kamloops event.

The passion that led me here is brighter & bolder than ever before. We are ready to rise up and build this sport back up to pre COVID status, and boy oh boy there are BIG BIG things coming for our 10th anniversary! Stay tuned, sign up, train with us, be part of our Femsport community!

Sabrina, tire flip event 2015

If someone is still nervous about the event, where can they reach you to chat?

I would love to chat with anyone that still has questions, I get that it is intimidating and nerve racking off the hop, but I’m pretty sure you won’t regret it! You can reach out to Sabrina by email at: or send Freeze Fitness a message on Facebook or Instagram, I would LOVE to chat with you 🫶

Sabrina, obstacle course 2013

When and where is Femsport Kamloops this year?

300 block of Seymour Street (formerly Daily News) on June 3rd, 2023. AND this year is extra special, not only are we celebrating 10 years of being involved in Femsport, we are also co-presenting the Memorial Cup Women's Day with Kamloops Kia. The Femsport competition will be the headlining activation for Women's Day and it's going to be AWESOME.

We still have time! Official training starts April 8 and there's still a few spots left to train and compete with us. You really should join the Freeze community 😉

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