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Tumbling Programs 

 Fall Tumbling Registration Open Now


Tumbling classes are in addition to or stand alone from recreational and competitive cheerleading programs. Progressions for any required skills will be taught. Coaches will make class recommendations based on current skill level.

All tumbling programs are 9 month programs with at least two time options per skill level. This does not require you to be committed for the season, only that the sessions will come to an end until May. As per usual, you may withdraw from tumbling classes with only 1 months notice given by email.

Family and Tot Open Gym

Prerequisite Skills



Parent Participation Required

Working on Skills

Unstructured, supervised open play, parent participation is required. Tot-open gym is for ages 0-5 and Family-open gym is for ages 0-8

Tot-open gym times:

Mondays 9:15am-10:15am 

Thursdays 9:30am-10:30am 

Family-open gym times:

Saturdays 9:45am-10:30am

Tiny & Mini Tumblers

Prerequisite Skills


Split into a 3-4 year old (Tiny Tumblers) class and a 4-5 year old (Mini Tumblers) class.

Working on Skills

-body shapes




-general body awareness

Tumble 1

Prerequisite Skills


Born in 2016 and before

Working on Skills

-Body shapes




-General body awareness.

Tumble 2

Prerequisite Skills
Working on Skills

-Well developed roundoffs

-Fall to bridge (both ways)

-Skill combinations

-Power hurdles

-Handstand technique

Tumble 3

Prerequisite Skills

Born in 2016 and before



-fall to bridge both ways (back and front)

-power hurdle


-handstand hold

-backwards roll to front support.

Working on Skills

-front and back walkovers

-drills for handsprings

-roundoff connections

Tumble 4

Prerequisite Skills

Born in 2015 or before


-walkovers (front and back)

-boulder front and back handspring

-round off scoop to back on mat

-dive roll

-round off block to height

Working on Skills

-round off handspring

-standing handsprings

-punch front tucks

-front tumbling connections

Tumble 5

Prerequisite Skills
Working on Skills

-series standing back handsprings

-round off tuck and round off handspring tucks on the floor

-punch front tuck on the floor

Tumble 6

Prerequisite Skills
Working on Skills

-round off handspring layout

-standing back tucks

-standing series handsprings to tuck

-punch front step outs

Tumble 7

Prerequisite Skills

Born in 2014 or before

-roundoff handspring layout

-standing back tuck

-standing 2 back handsprings to tuck

-front tuck step out roundoff

Working on Skills

-specialty layout passes

-round off arabian

-round off back handspring full twisting layout

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