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Kick HIIT…Is it your FIT??

High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT is a calorie burning and endurance building powerhouse and so is our version of cardio kickboxing. So, we thought we would take two challenging styles of exercise and combine them into one epic routine that will challenge every muscle in your body; leave you with the feeling that you just made your body stronger in every way possible.

With popular and effective kickboxing movements that inspire, push & motivate this class is just the right mix of fun and hard work!!

Combo’s are kept simple in order to maximize each interval to its full potential to blast the body! We mix in core/strength/cardio drills to keep the heart pumping to help keep you burning calories long after your workout.

I love to see the intensity of the women during this class. They come to connect through hard work, sweat & powerful drills that build self confidence. As the class intensifies so does the feeling of community strength. We may be here fighting off the stress of the day, but we also feel supported & uplifted by the shouts of encouragement from our fellow Warriors!!

It’s time to grab your beastie, pack your gym bag & join us for this empowering & energizing workout. We are excited to offer the women of Kamloops this class on Mondays 4pm & Fridays 930am.

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