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STRONG is always SEXY!

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Strong nation makes me happy!!! It brings me an abundance of joy to be able to share this program and lead my tribe through this epic work out each and every week in Kamloops.

Strong Nation is a unique, heart pumping, efficient and very effective fitness program. Not only do I feel empowered, strong and confident leading; I am able to deliver this to other women to unleash their inner bad ass!! Strong Nation combines epic high intensity interval training movement patterns with inspired Kickboxing and martial art techniques, all synced to exclusive beats.

I receive incredible feedback from women looking to exercise and increase their active lifestyle. Strong Nation improves over all physical condition for day-to-day activities such as hiking, biking, running, swimming and playing sports.

Freeze Fitness offers Strong Nation classes

Wednesday 530pm

Friday 630am

Saturday 830am

It’s hard for me to express how passionate I am about this program. The best advice I can give to anyone is to come and try a free class and experience the many health and fitness benefits you will experience. Take a step out of your comfort zone with your free class today!

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