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Battle Box Rumble is a fusion of powerful kickboxing drills combined with battle ropes & strength training stations to create an unstoppable YOU!

Open to Kickboxing passes as well as our popular Warrior membership, this class is designed to push your limits with battle ropes and a punching bag that create a dynamic duo and the perfect training combo! We also incorporate strength training to ensure the most satisfying & effective workout in 60 minutes.

One member says...“Kicks my a$$ every week! I look forward to the variety in this class, keeps me on my toes.”

Not only are battle ropes great for building muscular strength & increasing cardiorespiratory capacity, they help enhance athletic performance. So many of our Warrior Women enjoy healthy activities outside the gym. Kamloops offers several amazing opportunities to get out & be active: skiing, biking, hiking, trail running just to name a few. Battle Box Rumble helps get them game ready for these activities.

As a coach it's so FUN to be creative when it comes to building fitness programs that inspire. The freedom to explore this combination came from discovering how versatile & effective battle ropes could be when placed in circuit style. As ropes provide an intense challenge they allow for a one of a kind fitness challenge that Kamloops women are seeking!

This class runs at our studio Thursday 7pm and is built for beginners to seasoned athletes!

Are you ready to RUMBLE?? Sign up for our 3 4 Free pass today!!!


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